Slow Autumn At My Window is a new double album by Adrian Lane , written and recorded as a reflection on the ephemeral nature of life prior to the new normal of COVID-19.

“There was a period in my life before COVID where I became very aware of making good use of my time and I felt very driven to create music,” says Adrian. “I originally thought I would write 10 or 12 pieces, but found myself working on more and more. Every time I finished a track I had another idea I wanted to explore and started to write again.”

A painter by profession, Adrian often works on music and paintings simultaneously. You can see more of his work at his Adrian Lane: Art & Music page.


"... the music of Adrian Lane is nostalgic and tidy, like an old mansion whose curtains have been thrown open and whose floors have been swept" – a closer listen

"Playing With Ghosts shows off Adrian Lane's undeniable talent in sculpting gracious, lovely pieces by looking towards the past, embracing its imperfections to make something a little more perfect" – Beach Sloth

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