Preserved Sound’s community of artists responds to COVID-19

Invisible is an album of original pieces written and recorded as blind collaborations in lockdown by 11 Preserved Sound artists.

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Ales Tsurko: "The mood of the composition [The Hate] mirrors exactly what's happening in Belarus today."

The Belarusian composer on how the theme of his new album The Hate is a soundtrack of the recent Belarusian protests – featuring gun shots, grenade explosions and the sounds of human torture.

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Cédric D. Lavoie: “My moods were inspired by the hours spent on the road and the isolated landscapes I encountered.”

The Quebecan composer on writing his new album 88 while touring and playing all the string parts on his upright bass.

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Richard Youngs: “It's so rare I get near a piano, what a joy…” ​

The musician, multi-instrumentalist and performer on “Youngsness” and recording a piano album without any preconceptions.

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