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Created in real-time from random Wikipedia articles, microscale is a web-based, generative album, and available as a rendered physical CDR and digital download. Each article functions as a step sequencer – where the letters are the sequencer steps and the track titles are regular expressions that switch the steps on and off. The web version is also hackable – the regular expressions, samples, tempo and other parameters can be edited or replaced – enabling microscale to be used as an instrument and sequencer for the listener’s own music.

Reviews of Transliaciya:

"This emotionally charged music organically unfolds into a subtle cross-pollination of styles" – De Subjectivisten

"... a spiralling, sonic journey into the very heart of musical sound..." – Anthem Review

"A crossbreeding of non-academic post-classicism" – Music Won't Save You

Influenced by such composers as Sergei Rachmaninov, Valentin Silvestrov, Morton Subotnick, François Bayle and Iannis Xenakis, Ales Tsurko uses composition techniques from contemporary classical music and mixes them with elements from the non-academic and electronic fields of music, as well as post rock and shoegaze music.

Transliaciya is a concept album. The word “transliaciya” means “transmission” – we are all transmitters of the Big Bang. Everyone transmits force in their own way. A mother gives birth to a child – a new transmitter … but the cleanest transmission is the one via an artist. “People meet certain mathematical numbers more often than others. I talked to various people about these ‘popular’ numbers and wrote an album that related mathematically them, “ says Ales. “I also tried to portray the people I spoke to – ‘Twenty-six’, ‘Forty-two’ and ‘Thirteen’ are all portraits of people, whereas ‘Twenty-seven’ is a self-portrait. “No. 1’, ‘No. 2’ and ‘No. 4’ are interludes – just moods.”

Ales Tsurko is a self-taught composer from Minsk, Belarus. He is also the founder of the Society for the Development of New Music, the purpose of which is to develop and promote contemporary classical music.

Twenty-six – Ales Tsurko from Preserved Sound on Vimeo.