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“Each [track] is hand-crafted with a sonic patina like burnished wood. And 'Pose of a Saint' reminds me of the very best of July Skies – soaked in dreamy reverb and melancholy, it paints a picture in sound of dappled sunlight, golden fields, and autumn afternoons” – Headphone Commute

Ancient Colours is the solo project of Simon Allum, former guitarist and songwriter in Fierce Panda band TV One, and psych/prog band Winter Gods.

Relent is the first album by Ancient Colours on Preserved Sound, and is a wonderful collection of instrumental acoustic fingerpicked guitar pieces, augmented by Adrian Dollemore from Glockenspiel, who together with Simon adds guitar drones and other instrumentation. The finished result is a wonderfully mellow album: as if James Blackshaw and Nick Drake had collaborated.