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Layers is a collection of piano pieces by Barry Kernachan. The improvised nature in which Kernachan composes has delivered a relaxed and free-flowing album without control or restraint. 

“Playing the piano for me is a form of meditation. A piece just starts with a single note or simple melody. I try not to control anything and just let the idea flow,” says Kernachan. “This, for me, is an important part of composing – my ideas are born in this way rather than being predetermined.” 

“I’ve spent years writing music – mostly releasing deep, progressive electronic house music” says Kernachan. “But whatever music or genre I’ve worked on, the ideas always started on the piano. This album is different from any previous work, as it is very organic, stripped back and natural.” 

"Layers is [a] bright, melodic, and engaging record that piano music lovers will find easy to fall into." – Stationary Travels 

Layers is Kernachan's first album on Preserved Sound.