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Far Away Music sees Benjamin Louis Brody reimagine his previous compositions to create what he calls “music inside of music”.

​"This effort, which Brody calls “music inside of music” is majestic by comparison. Its seriousness and the impact it will have on listeners warrants a new classical label. Brody has delivered a major work" – Badd Press

"Manipulations of resonant strings are turning, blooming, absorbing, reflecting, gathering ... What’s best is the sense of unfolding — no landing planned, resolution defers forward, all toward some continuum along a vanishing point. Likely good for the emotions" – Tiny Mix Tapes

“When I started this project, I asked myself whether I could give my music depth perception, similar to a painting or drawing – the classic illusion of train track perspective that gives a painting a certain sense of distance,” says Brody. “With Far Away Music, I set out to do that with sound.”

“The music and sounds you hear could only have been created through computer technology. By manipulating the speed and texture its allowed me to change the perspective of the original content,” says Brody. “Far Away Music represents how I experience my work in a more personal way – it’s vast and subconscious.”

Having composed for NYC’s The Chelsea Symphony, independent films and various mixed ensembles, Brody has also worked with or for composers such as Elliot Goldenthal, Tom Waits and Philip Glass. Far Away Music is Brody’s first album on Preserved Sound.

Read an interview with Brooklyn-based composer Benjamin Louis Brody about manipulating the speed, texture and direction of old recordings to create his new album Far Away Music.