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Quiet enough to be listened to during the most peaceful time of the day, Music for Quiet

Mornings is a soundtrack to the listener’s morning – repetitive and slow, like an endless loop of droning sound.

"As melancholy as these tracks may be, they are not depressive; as advertised, they are songs for looking out the window or gazing at the stars ... This style of playing has suited other noted performers in recent years, most notably Ólafur Arnalds and A Winged Victory for the Sullen" – A Closer Listen

“This album will always take special place in my heart, because it’s my debut,” says Endless Melancholy. “Throughout the years my attitude to it has changed, but I still think it was the perfect album to start with … my mindset as a composer will never be the same as when I wrote this album."

Endless Melancholy is the solo-project of Oleksiy Sakevych, from Kyiv, Ukraine and was started due to his passion and love of minimal piano and ambient music. Music For Quiet Mornings is an album recorded at home aimed at creating a soundtrack to the various quiet moments of your life.

Read an interview with Oleksiy Sakevych, a.k.a Endless Melancholy, about how he wanted to write an album quiet enough to be listened to during the most peaceful time of the day – the morning.