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"This is the one of the ambient styles I enjoy most, pastoral and organic sounding. Nice tones and textures, varies pacing, lots of nuances." – Stationary Travels

"Delicate interplay of musical sounds and manipulated field recordings" – Ambientblog

Gesture & Texture is a meeting of natural field recorded sources, which form the basis of most of the album, with the reprocessing and twisting of those sounds into the whole composition. It’s a kind of a natural-world-meets-technology philosophy where neither one overtakes the other in terms of importance. As the artist says: “It’s a deeply personal record for several reasons, both in the sounds used and the locations that they’re from, and the compositional process itself, which aside from the nature/technology axis also took on a sort of painterly quality in terms of the slow way it was assembled or collaged.”

K. Novotny is a sound artist and composer working with low-frequency tones, evolving textures and broken and re-processed audio to create soundscapes that are at the same time minimalistic and complex. Primarily interested in the physicality of sound, his work has been supplemented by an increased interest in the natural soundscape and elements of modern classical composition.