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Max Ananyev’s The Way to the Ocean is a collection of simple and sincere pieces for classical guitar and mandolin. “I wanted the music to immediately immerse the listener in a new state, but without relying on all the usual techniques composers often make use of in the ambient acoustic genre,” says Max. “In the measured style of my playing, I’ve tried to put across the core idea of the ambient genre – a change in the listener’s state, the transition from thought to contemplation and the perception of time.”

"Max Ananyev keeps things to the essentials on the subdued intimate moods of The Way to the Ocean. Arrangements possess a meditative quality to them ... The usage of silence further adds to the appeal of the album..." – Beach Sloth

Inspired by recent trips to the Atlantic Ocean, The Way to the Ocean features classical guitar, mandolin, kalimba and strings. “I wanted to create a very pure classical guitar sound with a wide spectral range and low level of white noise,” says Max. 

Born and raised in Obluchye – 8,000 kilometers from Moscow on the border with China, Max Ananyev is a Russian composer and sound producer based in St. Petersburg. The Way to the Ocean is Max Ananyev’s second album on Preserved Sound, and the follow up to Communication.