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Improvised as snapshots of hope, ecstasy, turmoil and longing, mood paintings by New York composer Poppy Nogood is a self-portrait in four parts. The album is inspired by artists that include William Basinski, Pauline Oliveros, Labradford, The Necks and Bing & Ruth.

"I had a bad day at work. On the train back home, I started listening to mood paintings. Shortly afterwards, I was not angry anymore. The album cleared my mind and healed my spirit" – Arctic Drones

"... one is invited to paint one’s own emotional snapshots, and in so doing come to a deeper self-understanding" – a closer listen

"... beautiful in its emotional dexterity ... an experimental immersive album with great heart" – Beach Sloth

"An emotional self-portrait, consisting in four elongated snapshots, resulting both from reason and from instinct applied to modern techniques of composition and performance" – Music Won't Save You

Each movement is a space to live in, a world to breath – a temporal extension of feelings felt at one particular moment and a tale of cyclical rebirth that mirrors the nature of self-reflection. Read an interview about the making of mood paintings.

mood paintings is Poppy Nogood’s second album for Preserved Sound, and the follow-up to Music for Mourning.

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mood paintings – Poppy Nogood, video by Jordan Ewert from Preserved Sound on Vimeo.