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"Another bright and colorful concoction, as cheerful as the cover art implies ... Scramble + Fate sounds more like the work of a small chamber ensemble." – a closer listen

"Once again, Tess Said So proves that convention and genres can be defied and yet remain eminently listenable." – Stationary Travels

"Scramble + Fate is wonderful to hear ... every song rises from a spiral of creative impulses to find its own course and sound." – Anthem Review

Tess Said So deliberately set out to do something very different with their second album, Scramble + Fate. Unlike their debut album, I Did That Tomorrow, Rasa and Will wrote the tracks together in the same room at the same time; improvising, exploring, innovating, jamming, tweaking, feeding off each other’s ideas and looking for just the right combination, just the right sound. Sometimes searching for that perfect combination involved hours frantically exploring every instrument available in every combination (“Scramble”). Other times, they were grateful for the happy accidents that improvisation can bring (“Fate”).

I Did That Tomorrow is a collection of pieces about initiation and reaction, travel and stillness, simplicity and mutation. The sound world of piano, percussion and electronics, engineered at Will Larsen’s Recliner Studios in Melbourne, shifts through organic, improvisatory, imperfect patterns, playing with the idea of movement in light, space, and liquid, usually resolving – though not necessarily tonally – for a sense of agreement.

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Tess Said So is unique. The repertoire for piano and percussion is all but non-existent, but rather than see that as a limitation, Tess Said So thrives. Built on a longstanding friendship, the duo of Rasa Daukus (piano, electronics) and Will Larsen (drums, percussion) wanted to take up the challenge, knowing the possibilities were endless and unexplored. Their music is not a jazz/pop trio missing a bass player; their music is of its own, individual and in defiance of conformity, genre, format and convention.