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"… the music exudes blue ~ the blue of melancholy, of fading skies, of falling twilight" – A Closer Listen

"Simply a joy to hear" – Anthem Review

"A truly stunning album" – Headphonaught

"… a balanced synthesis between different forms of expression ..." – Music Won't Save You

Adagio for the Blue springs from the crossover between dark jazz and ambient. While Legacy of the Witty, their 2013 debut was based more on improvisation, Adagio for the Blue focuses more on composition – with themes, lush melodies and intriguing chord schemes leading to a more diverse and coherent album, while keeping the sense of improvisation. The pieces on Adagio for the Blue all have different beginnings – some created through loops or manipulating samples, others via a melody or a chord-scheme – and each piece see Trigg & Gusset searching for the perfect instrument, often played by a guest musician played on acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, trumpet, bass clarinet, tenor and bass saxophones, flute, percussion, double and electric bass, and electric and flamenco guitar. Adagio for the Blue will be performed live in autumn 2015.

"There is something deliciously dark and mysterious about the film noir-esque sounds presented on Legacy of the Witty by Trigg & Gusset ... something very David Lynch. Slow, lazy percussion ... haunting piano ... and some seriously sensual yet rather melancholic saxophone ... all come together to make this late night soundtrack […] The melodies articulated by the saxophone are simply breathtaking ... they are the eloquent expression of someone who knows how to play ... and play well. Passionate & expressive yet unhurried ... I found these melodies an utter joy to consume…" – Headphonaught