Buy the limited edition, pressed CD of Beyond the White
Buy the limited edition, pressed CD of Footfalls Echo

Beyond the White sees Visionary Hours collaborate with Bruno Sanfilippo, Richard Youngs, Western Skies Motel, Richard Formby Adrian Lane, Trigg & Gusset, Isnaj Dui, Unconditional Arms, Alex Lipinski, Adrianna Maria Kafel, 3+ and The Sly and the Unseen.

“I wanted to collaborate with different artists, but still keep some kind of control over the pieces,” says Visionary Hours. “In some cases, I sent the same acoustic guitar piece out to more than one artist, with the idea that two artists would unwittingly collaborate with each other on that particular piece – a blind collaboration, if you like.”

"... an exceptionally bucolic collection of music that sounds like one might dream up if Nick Drake could have made a record with July Skies. Warm, pastoral, dreamy, and soothing" – Stationary Travels

"[Visionary Hours] manages to keep the mastery of its productions and retains the ethereal acoustic atmosphere of his previous opus, including that discovered on his excellent last album Footfalls Echo" – dive into sun

Reviewing the Footfalls Echo for Textura​, Ron Schepper wrote: "Footfalls Echo oscillates between ambient-classical and ambient-drone ... a rather hazy aura of psychedelia sometimes emanates from the album material." While Peter van Cooten praised the album for being "… a unique blend of analog sounds" on Ambientblog. Check out the other reviews of Footfalls Echo below.

​"Footfalls Echo coils into little pockets of infinite loop. No one has to be sad ever again" – ATTN:Magazine

Footfalls Echo takes on a narrative showing the possibilities of the organic and digital working hand in hand” – Beach Sloth

Read an interview with Visionary Hours, in which he talks about how tape echo was instrumental in creating the sounds on the album, and why the album takes inspiration from T. S. Eliot. Listen and buy all Visionary Hours' albums, both released and unreleased here.