Celebrating Five Years Of Preserved Sound Compilations

Celebrating five years of Preserved Sound compilations

After almost five years since we released our first compilation, we've collated all our free download compilations into one place. Featuring tracks by all of the artists we've worked with, these seven compilations give a snapshot of Preserved Sound over the last five years and provide an excellent introduction to the wonderful albums we've had the pleasure and privilege to release. Please support the artists by spreading the word about their music. We hope you enjoy it!

Released in January 2017, Anticipation of an Uncertain Future features tracks from recent and upcoming releases by Max Ananyev, Covarino/Incorvaia, Endless Melancholy, Adrian Lane, Aaron Martin, Poppy Nogood, Ales Tsurko, Visionary Hours and Richard Youngs.

"Winter kept us warm, covering ... earth in forgetful snow, feeding ... little life with dried tubers" – T. S. Eliot 
Released in January 2016, Winter Kept Us Warm... is a winter compilation of music by Vitaly Beskrovny, Grace Beneath the Pines, Lane, K. Novotny, Masotto, Tess Said So, Trigg & Gusset, Ales Tsurko, Visionary Hours and Western Skies Motel.

Released in July 2014, the blinding white heat of summer days features tracks by 3+, Ancient Colours, Vitaly Beskrovny, Adrian Lane, North Side Drive, Tess Said So, Unconditional Arms, Visionary Hours and Richard Youngs.

Released in November 2013re​:​source compilation 2013 gathers contributions (some exclusive) from artists participating in the first edition of the re:source festival in December 3013. As with the very idea behind the festival and re:source itself, it spans a whole gamut of styles, or approaches to music, which partly reflects what is bubbling away far below the surface of contemporary music and embraces an openness to anything deemed interesting by the self-styled arbiters of taste at re:source.

Released in April 2013, Preserved Sound Compilation 2013 includes tracks Blackpaperplanes, Vitaly Beskrovny, Richard Formby, Adrian Lane, Endless Melancholy, Trigg & Gussett and Visionary Hours.

Released in February 2012, It's Not Boring. It's Ambient is a double CD compilation of Ukrainian and Polish ambient artists released as a collaboration between Preserved Sound and AZH Promo in Kyiv. Bringing together some of the best ambient music from around the region, It's Not Boring. It's Ambient aims to cross borders to present an eclectic mix of the genre that has become known as "ambient".