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Table of Contents

Adding News

I've found you use a pattern for excerpts like:

  • A big header
  • A shorter header with more info

So for the big header use H2, and use H3 for the text. After this, you insert a cut ("Read more" button in the editor) and the rest of the content.

You should also add a featured image. In the post setting (the cog button in the top right corner). The image is resized automatically.

Also in the settings of the post you should choose "News" in "Tags". This way you'll add the post in the news category. 

Editing "Read more" Button Text

Under "Other options" of the post settings you'll find the ""Read more..." button text" option.

Changing The Link For The Featured Image

Post settings -> Other options -> Featured image links to

Adding an Artist

The post name is the name of the artist.

To add a photo, just set the featured image in the post settings. It's resized automatically.

Set "Artists" in the Tags setting.

If you wish to add an "Old artist" set "Old Artists" tag instead. You can also change tag from "Artists" to the "Old Artists" to move an artist to the Previous artists category.

Editing Home Page

To edit the home page, find the "Home Page" post (use search) and edit it :)

Inserting a Button

Insert a normal link, select it and choose Paragraph (the first one) -> Button.


Inserting a Slideshow

Create an unordered list. Put cursor on the first item of the list and in the Paragraph (the first one) choose Slideshow. It won't preview in the editor, but should be displayed correctly in the browser.

The slideshow is 580px in height and there's possible only one slideshow per page.

Inserting an Image Surrounded by Text

Select "Left-aligned image"/"Right-aligned image" in the Insert/edit image dialog.

Theme Tweaks

Besides standard theme settings there're three custom options.

Home Page

Here you can change a different post for the home page.

Social Media

If you wish to change the links to the social media accounts.


If you wish to edit the text in the footer, you can use an option for this (Theme -> Footer). But  despite it looks like a simple text, there's a script to automatically update the year. So edit the HTML for this instead of the text in the editor.

If for some reason you'd lose the original code in the footer, here is it:

<p>© 2011
<script>new Date().getFullYear()>2015&&document.write("-"+new Date().getFullYear());</script>
, <a href="">Preserved Sound</a></p>