Various Artists – Anticipation Of An Uncertain Future

Anticipation of an uncertain future

As we move into the unpredictability of 2017, Anticipation of an Uncertain Future is a compilation taken from our recent and upcoming releases. Featuring tracks from albums by Max Ananyev, Covarino/Incorvaia, Endless Melancholy, Adrian Lane, Aaron Martin, Poppy Nogood, Ales Tsurko, Visionary Hours and Richard Youngs, Anticipation of an Uncertain Future aims to distract the listener's attention from the absurdity of the times we live in ... even just for 40 minutes.

1 – "Empty Hills Just After Rain" comes from Visionary Hours' upcoming album Beyond the White – a collection of pieces written for the acoustic guitar, in collaboration with Richard YoungsBruno SanfilippoRichard FormbyWestern Skies MotelAdrian LaneThe Sly and the Unseen3+Isnaj DuiTrigg & GussetAdrianna Maria Kafel and Unconditional ArmsBeyond the White is due for release in mid-2017.
2 – On the back of Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist's score for the film Menashe (due for release in January 2017), "First Time Underwater" is taken from Aaron's new solo album called A Room Now Empty, written and recorded for Preserved Sound, and due for release in mid-2017.
3 – "Another Spell Than Beauty's" comes from a new album by Adrian Lane, which Adrian aptly describes as an exploration of the nature of preserved sound. The album developed from using samples from century old cylinder recordings found on various public domain internet archives, which have been cut up and rearranged into new melodies, and become the starting point for building a piano-based track around them.
4 – Ales Tsurko’s new album microscale uses regular expressions to generate music from random Wikipedia articles. A random text is considered a sequence of characters, and music is linked to these characters. The meaning of one media (the texts) is disassembled and a new meaning generated in another media (the music). As the follow up to Transliaciya, "[grusha]" comes from microscale which is due for release in 2017.
5 – "#4" is an unreleased track from Covarino/Incorvaia’s debut album Perugia. Recorded strictly live without using any studio trickery, such as overdubs and editing, this version was cut on the third take. The bass was played by Marcos Muniz, who also recorded and mixed the album.
6 – Richard Youngs travelled to Hebden Bridge in December 2016 to record piano, drums and organ in a rehearsal space underneath an old mill. "Arrow" is taken from a new work-in-progress album and may or may not refer to the epic game of darts that took place in the pub after the recording session. The new album is the follow up to Red Alphabet in the Snow and due for release in mid-2017.
7 – "Birch Trees" comes from Max Ananyev’s album Communication. Each piece on the album is dedicated to a particular object or phenomenon – the magnetism of the water, the energy of different trees and the effect of the moon on the human psyche. Click here to watch Nature as a Teacher, a short documentary about how we've forgotten about the creative force of nature and all it can teach us.
8 – Originally released on Preserved Sound in July 2012, Endless Melancholy's debut album Music for Quiet Mornings is due for reissue in spring 2017. "Silent Dawn, Grey Twilight" is taken from the album. "A friend once asked whether I could write another album like Music for Quiet Mornings," writes Oleksiy Sakevych, the artist behind Endless Melancholy. "My mindset as a composer will never be the same as when I wrote this album."
9 – "the light hits your eyes_i blink" is taken from Poppy Nogood’s upcoming album mood paintings. Following on from Poppy Nogood's first album on Preserved Sound, Music for Mourning, the new album presents snapshots of hope, ecstasy, turmoil and longing, as well as a temporal extension of feelings felt at a particular moment. mood paintings is due for release in February 2017.

Click here to download the album. Happy New Year!